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3rd - 5th Grade LMYA Practice plan

6th - 8th Grade LMYA Practice plan


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Coach schedules

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Rules of Play


3v3 Game rules:

  1. Inbound above 3-point line with “check ball”
  2. Check ball top of key for fouls and out of bounds
  3. No free throws
  4. No guarding above 3 point line for in bound pass, then can guard freely
  5. 3points made shots above 3 point line
  6. 2 points made shots below 3 point line
  7. 1 point for fouled in the act of shooting
  8. Losers outs for all point scoring
  9. 15-minute games; 5 minutes to get to next court
  10. Running clock

LMYA Tournament Rules

  • Coaches divide their teams into 1-2 teams. Must have at least 3 players and not more than 5 for a team.
  • All players remain with teams defined prior to starting first game.
  • Teams will play in a round robin against 2-3 other teams
  • Win, loss, ties will determine place in Round Robin
  • Tiebreakers: Head-to-head matchup, points allowed, points scored (in this order)
  • Top 8 teams in a division go to “Platinum”, next 8 to “Gold”, next 8 to “Silver”, next 8 to “Bronze” based on number of teams
  • 3rd grade will play only against 3rd graders
  • 4/5th combined with 6/7th grade teams



Player safety and well-being is our top priority. Below are informational documents as well as the CDC website with additional information. All parents/players are required to read and sign the parent/athlete waiver when registering.


2021-22 Season Plan

  • Registration for coaches & Players start September 2nd, 2021Register as coach during player registrations by selecting "Myself as staff". Coach must be registered on the family account then login and register. See helpful info here
  • Need 1-2 coaches per team.
  • Parents can request a coach or friend(Not guaranteed). Max of 8 players per team
  • Saturdays only for 1st & 2nd grade. 3rd and up will, have Sunday practices and Saturday games
  • All parent coaches must be background checked. If current LMYA coach you are already cleared. LMYA provides this service at no charge to coaches.
  • Protocols will be in place and will be posted soon.
  • Practice plans below(under coach reference materials section) will be updated for 2021-22 season
  • Benefits of LMYA Structure:
    • 8-9 person teams; 3v3 ½ court basketball
    • More touches for each child: more passing, shooting, defensive opportunities
    • Eliminate need to learn press offense & defense
    • Focus on learning important core basketball skills:
      • Dribbling, passing, shooting, M2M defense, pick and roll, give and go
      • Skills translate to 5v5 basketball perfectly
    • Key proponents of structure:
      • JrNBA 3v3, Pro 3v3 league, Olympics, and at local level, Lamorinda Varsity HS utilize frequently