LATE Registration for Winter 2021-22 is now Closed

To register for next years basketball check back September of 2022


LMYA Basketball 2021-2022-Updates as of 1/4/22

LMYA Sports Protocols -Basketball 1-4-2022

Schedules for January/February are uploaded into parents calendar online. Detailed schedules are on the Schedule page here

LMYA 21-22 11.9.21-parent Meeting slides

LMYA Basketball 2021-22


What are our core values?

  • Equal playing time, skill development, fun, exercise
  • Consistent game and practice times and location
  • Offer a unique basketball program (3v3 on a ½ court) designed to maximize skill development, fun, and competition.


What do we offer?

  • Coach training
    • Preseason training
    • LMYA app with practice plans and videos of skills
  • Accept friend requests for teams(not guaranteed)
  • No Tryouts
  • Focus on skill development and competition
    • Grades 1-2:
      • Saturday practice / scrimmage for 75 minutes outdoor at Rheem, Los Perales, and CP
    • Grades 3-8:
      • Saturdays: 3v3 games. 15min each. 3+ games. JM.
      • Sundays: Practices at JM or Stanley. 90 minutes each practice.
      • Mid-season 3v3 tournament. Prizes. Food trucks. Music.
      • End-season 3v3 tournament. Prizes. Food trucks. Music.


Benefits of LMYA Structure:

  • 8-9 person teams; 3v3 ½ court basketball
  • More touches for each child: more passing, shooting, defensive opportunities
  • Eliminate need to learn press offense & defense
  • Focus on learning important core basketball skills:
    • Dribbling, passing, shooting, M2M defense, pick and roll, give and go
    • Skills translate to 5v5 basketball perfectly
  • Key proponents of structure:
    • JrNBA 3v3, Pro 3v3 league, Olympics, and at local level, Lamorinda Varsity HS utilize frequently


Game / Practice Day (Grades 1-2):

  • 75-minute practice / game sessions outdoor at Rheem / Camino Pablo / Los Perales on Saturday
    • 30 min practice with own team on ½ court.
    • 45 min scrimmage ½ court vs. another team
    • Can be 3v3; 2v2; or 1v1
    • Can freely move players between squads at any time.
  • Not keeping game score. No standings. Coaches are referee.
  • Three 12min/games with 5 min changeover
  • Spectators welcome. Masks mandatory


Game Day / Saturday (Grades 3-8)

  • Half court outdoor  3v3 games at Joaquin Moraga on Saturday
  • Keep game score. No standings.
  • Play 3+ half court games (3v3) each Saturday
  • 15min/game with 5 min changeover
  • Spectators welcome. Masks mandatory


Practice Day / Sunday (Grades 3-8)

  • Each time has full court outside at JM or Stanley on Sundays with consistent schedule each week
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Masks mandatory: coaches, players, parents


Mid-Season and End of Season 3v3 Tournaments (Grades 3rd - 8th):

  • 3v3 court tournament outdoor at Stanley or JM
  • Round robin style in “flights” followed by play-in bracket
  • Must have at least 3 players per team to participate.


Start and End Dates:

  • First practice: Saturday November 13, Sunday 14
  • First games: Saturday November 20
  • Holiday Tournament: December 18, 19 (Grades 3-8)
  • Season games resume: Jan 8, Practices Jan 9th
  • Season end tournament: Feb 26 (Grades 3-8)


Questions? Email Hillary at
No refunds are given after 10/15/2021
A note about safety & jewelry...
  • NO JEWELRY of any kind is permitted during games or practices-this includes pierced ears
  • Taping ears is not allowed as a substitution for removing earrings.
  • We suggest getting ears pierced during the off-season of all LMYA sports

Regular Registration Fee

Registration fees are:

  • 1st & 2nd Grades $250
  • 3rd grade and up $275

Discounts for 3 or more player given at checkout

All players registered on time will be placed on teams.

All registrations are online.

Late Registration

$50 late fee added to regular registration fees after 10/1

Refund Policy

Refunds only until 10/15/2021. No refunds after this time.

Conflict with another sport Full Refund -Minus a $10 non-refundable processing fee
Medical Full Refund -Minus a $10 non-refundable processing fee
Other $35 Processing Fee

During season (after teams are formed)

After 10/15 No Refund

Refund requests must be submitted in writing. Email

Volunteer Options

LMYA depends on volunteers to help run a successful season. Please consider signing up for a Volunteer Position during registration.  Thank you in advance for supporting LMYA and our players.

Concussion Information

Player safety and well-being is our top priority. Below are informational documents as well as the CDC website with additional information. All parents/players are required to read and sign the parent/athlete waiver when registering.