Frequently Asked Questions


 In a well-balanced league with all teams able to compete effectively. A positive recreational experience for all is better achieved with evenly matched competition.
  • In TBall thru 3rd grade players are selected in a non-draft situation. Teams are formed by school so that players are grouped with their classmates.
  • In Softball & Baseball players are assigned by the league and Commissioner, which encourages the participation of interested youth with all levels of ability, and does not expose lesser skilled youths to embarrassment.


Q. Is there any equipment provided?

LMYA provides game equipment (bats, balls, catcher's gear, etc. ) and uniforms for the players. Each child must have his/her own glove. In the younger age groups, in particular, a small flexible glove that fits the players hand is much more useful than a "pro" model. Rubber-cleated turf shoes, either soccer or baseballl shoes are recommended.


Q. If there is such an effort to have parity among the teams, then why is it that some teams always win and some teams always lose?

There is a variety of reasons as to why that happens. The ideal season would be where each team wins 50% of their games. However, that rarely happens. Whenever you have competition and play a game where you keep score, one team is going to win and one is going to lose. Look at professional sports, they have the top players and still some teams always win and some always lose. It's the nature of sports. Try to judge your child season not by whether the teams win or lose, but by the skills they have gained.


Q. What happens if you don't have enough coaches?

Because we want to keep the teams at a reasonable size so the players have the optimum playing time, if we don't have enough coaches at the time of the draft, we will draft what we call a "Phantom Team" or a team without a coach. The Phantom team will be assigned a practice time and it will be up to the parents of that team to coach the team for the season.



All players in Kindergarten and 1st grade receive participation trophies

SOFTBALL is for girls  in grades 1 through 8. Please do not confuse LMYA with Little League. They are two independent programs.

Dissatisfied With A Coach

Q. What if I am dissatisfied with my childs coach?

Talk to him/her. Explain your concerns. Chances are other parents have the same concerns. Offer to help coach the team. The more active you become, the more your child's coach will accept your suggestions. Should you be unable to resolve a problem, send the Board a written explanation of your dissatisfaction or email us the complaint.

LMYA Baseball Grievance Committee
PO Box 395
Lafayette, 94549

Changing Teams

Q. Not happy with the team your child is on?

  • His/her best friend is on a different team.
  • Team will not work for planned carpool.
  • Practice conflicts with piano lessons.
  • Wanted him/her on team coached by your neighbor.
  • He/she is only in kindergarten, but you are sure he/she is ready for the 1st grade program.


  • A great deal of thought and effort goes into team placement. If you made a request and we could honor it, we did. However, there is no way we can accommodate all players' requests.
  • In TBall and 1st/2nd grade teams were carefully made based on schools, neighborhoods and experience. Children are grouped by their grade and whether or not they have played before, not by their parents assessment of where they should play. Also, because we try to have the same number of players on each team, it is very difficult to move one child without having to move another one.
  • In Softball and Baseball, teams are selected with emphasis on achieving parity. To try and move players after the teams are set would spoil the balance and nullify the team balance.
  • Therefore, whatever age group and sport your child is in you MUST accept your child's placement. Arrange new carpools, make new friends, reschedule piano. Help us make this season a success by not tampering with the integrity of the teams.


Q. What if after the season starts, someone has to drop off the team, can we find a replacement?

NO! We do not allow anyone to sign up once the first game has been played. Teams who lose players must try to get through the season with fewer players.

Waiting List

Q. What about players who sign up after the close of registration.

They will be wait listed, and if a team loses a player before the first game, that coach can ask the League for a replacement.

Refund Policy

Q. What is the Refund Policy?
A. Pre-season  February 15th

Conflict with another sport Full Refund minus $10 processing fee
Medical Full Refund minus $10 processing fee
Other $35 Processing Fee

During season After February 15

After February 15 No Refund

Refund requests must be submitted in writing. See Refund Request Form.

How Often Does The Team Practice?

All teams are assigned a 1 hour practice time, once a week. Coaches may add an additional practice, weekly, subject to field availability. Practices are held at local school fields between 4 PM and darkness.

What If My Child Has A Conflict With His/Her Team's Practice Time?

Team practice schedules are determined after players are assigned to teams and are subject to the limitations of field availability and coache's schedules. If you know that your child is not available on a certain day, please indicate it on the registration form, however, we cannot guarantee your child's practice time. Please make every effort to free up your child's schedule so that he/she can attend practice regularly.

How Important Is It For My Child To Attend Practices And Games?

Very! It is discouraging for a coach not to have all his players show up at a practice or a game. We understand that children get sick and there are reasons they occasionally cannot attend a scheduled activity. If your child cannot make a practice or a game, it is very helpful to call the coach and let him/her know. However, if your child cannot make a significant number of practices, your child may be overbooked and you may want to reconsider signing him/her up for Baseball/Softball. It is not fair to the coach, the team or the player for him/her to consistently miss practices or games.