All players are welcome to play in LMYA basketball, regardless of whether a player also participates in another basketball league or sport.

LMYA basketball is a fun, skill development-oriented basketball league. All practices and games will be in Lafayette or Moraga and held on consistent days and times. The program is open to girls and boys, begins in 1st grade, and continues through 8th grade. 1st-3rd graders can request to be on teams with friends, while 4th- 8th grade teams will be divided evenly to achieve reasonably balanced teams.


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2019-2020 News

NEW THIS YEAR! Updates to our program...

Philosophically and developmentally, we believe that smaller team sizes and ½ court 3v3 basketball develops skills most effectively and is a really fun style of play for the kids. In half court games with small teams, all children touch the ball frequently leading to more opportunities for significant skill improvement. First thru third grade teams will have teams of no more than 8 players and games will be ½ court 3v3 (splitting teams of 8 into two smaller 4-person squads on game day). Smaller teams and ½ court play allow coaches to focus on teaching fundamental ball handling, shooting, and defensive and offensive strategies without needing to spend time on the complexities of full-court offensive and defensive play (which can take up 50% or more of practices in 5v5 leagues).

1st and 2nd graders will have a single 75-minute game/practice each weekend.

3rd graders will have a weekday practice and play three or four 3v3 games each weekend over the course of 90 minutes.

4th thru 8th graders will have no more than 10 players per team and will play 5v5. Players will learn the fundamentals of full court basketball in addition to building essential skills. Each team will have one week day practice and one weekend game.

A single integrated League. Teams will be formed in Lafayette and Moraga, but play in a single unified division.  In order to help achieve better team-parity, each division will likely have mixed team (players from both Moraga & Lafayette).  Teams will practice in the most appropriate gym available in either Lafayette or Moraga.

There will be formal girls and boys teams with an established game schedule.  Each week, the sessions will be split with half the time focused on team practice and other half playing their scheduled game. The season will kick off with clinics for all players and coaches the first 2-3 weeks.

Evaluation day

New 4th thru 8th  grade players will be October 6th -(this is not a tryout! All players regardless of skill level are welcome). 4th thru 8th grade-Only New players need to come to be evaluated. If you played on an LMYA team last season evaluations are not required.

2019-20 Season Details

  • First game November 16th, last game February 22nd for 1st & 2nd grades &  February 29th for 3rd-8th grades.
  • Practice for 3rd-8th grade starts week of November 4th.
  • All divisions 3rd-8th will have one practice per week, day determined by coach and gym availability (gyms available to us no earlier than 5pm), and one game per week on Saturdays.
  • 1st & 2nd grade will play and practice on Saturdays only.
  • Clinics will be provided for all age groups during the season
  • All players receive full uniform
  • 1st & 2nd graders receive a reduced size basketball (your coach will hand out at first meeting)
    We need coaches! Please consider signing up for coaching during the online registration process of your player.

Free Coaching Clinic - Click on our Coaches Page for More Details

Please consider being a coach! There are two mandatory events to take note of. Please click on each for more details:


We're excited to implement our new format this year. To learn more about 3v3 basketball, please visit these sites:


We will be using adult officials in most divisions.


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