Registration is now closed for 2018-19 season. Please check back for registration info in August 2019


2018-2019 News


All players are welcome 
to play in LMYA basketball, regardless of whether a player also participates in another basketball league or sport.

Single-grade divisions. If numbers allow, there will be separate divisions for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades along with a combined 7th-8th grade division. This should help promote greater competitive balance within LMYA basketball. There will be no playing up. Kids will stay within their own grade division.

A single integrated League. Teams will be formed in Lafayette and Moraga, but play in a single unified division.  In order to help achieve better team-parity, each division will likely have mixed team (players from both Moraga & Lafayette).  Teams will practice in the most appropriate gym available in either Lafayette or Moraga.

1st grade and 2nd grade program. There will be formal girls and boys teams with an established game schedule.  Each week, the sessions will be split with half the time focused on team practice and other half playing their scheduled game. The season will kick off with clinics for all players and coaches the first 2-3 weeks.

Mandatory evaluations for 3rd-8th Grade are held to help promote competitive balance within each division.  All player evaluations will be held at the Stanley Middle school in Lafayette.  Players' height will be determined and they will participate in a fun set of age appropriate basketball drills so that balanced teams can be assembled.

Coaching Please consider being a coach! There are two mandatory events to take note of. Please click on each for more details:

Coaches Training Sessions

Referees. We will be using adult officials in most divisions. Please see officials page for more details.

Fee structure. The registration for this year is 1st & 2nd grade-$245, 3rd-8th grade $270 with buydowns for various volunteer positions and discounts for families registering 3 or more children.

Steve Lenz, John Kirke & Jim Smith,  Lafayette/Moraga Basketball Commissioners