Frequently Asked Questions

Team Size

Q. What is the team size?

We try to limit teams to no more than 8 players.  This allows each player the maximum playing time. On occasion, there may be one team of 7 or 9.

Evaluation Day

Q. What is Evaluation Day?

Each player 3rd grade and higher is asked to dribble, do a lay-up, and try a free throw shot and play in a short scrimmage. He/she is then compared with the rest of the players in that age group for skill level and experience and given a rating by the coaches in that Age Group. A player's size is also noted.


Q. What if my child has never played basketball before and can't do the skills listed above?

That's okay. No child will be kept from playing basketball because of lack of skill or experience. LMYA is recreational teaching league and everyone who signs up on time will be assigned a team and allowed to play at least 2 full quarters each game. Tell your child to do the best he/she can at Evaluation Day.

Team Formation

Q. How are the teams formed?

Using the players' evaluations, teams for each division are put together by the LMYA Basketball Board. Starting with 3rd grade, teams are formulated without as much regard to school (we still try to keep kids with some schoolmates though).


LMYA provides a Basketball uniform (jersey and shorts) for all participants.  Players must wear soft-soled basketball shoes on the courts.  You don't need to buy fancy, expensive basketball shoes unless you want to, however shoes should offer good support.  LMYA does not allow players to wear hard-soled shoes or to play in stocking feet or barefooted. 

Each player is expected to bring his/her own basketball to practice.  The ball size for each group is noted in the rules section.  We discourage players from bringing water bottles or snacks to the gyms for practice or game days, as the school districts have a policy of no food or drinks inside the gym.  There are drinking fountains at all the gyms and snacks can be left outside or in the lobby until after practice or games.

Jewelry- No jewelry of any kind is permitted on court during games. This includes earrings. Players will be told to remove any jewelry or not be allowed to play in that game.



Q. If there is such an effort to have parity among the teams, then why is it that some teams always win and some teams always lose? 

A. There are a variety of reasons as to why that happens. The ideal season would be where each team wins 50% of their games.  However, that rarely happens.  Whenever you have competition and play a game where you keep score, one team is going to win and one is going to lose.  It's the nature of sports.  Try to judge your child's season not by whether the team won or lost, but by the experience they had and the skills they gained.


Time Conflicts

Q. What if my child has a conflict with the practice times on his/her team, can I switch?

NO! We cannot accommodate car pools, piano lessons, etc. When you register you may enter in practice night conflicts. Practices start at 530pm in most gyms-no earlier.


Q. What if after the season starts, someone has to drop off the team, can we find a replacement?

 No. This situation will be handled by the Commissioner on a case-by-case basis.

Waiting List

Q. What about players who sign up after the close of online registration. 

A. They will be wait listed, and may be added to a team at the discretion of the Commissioner.